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 Character Sheets

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PostSubject: Character Sheets   Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:02 pm

Name: Griffin  || Gender: Male || Magic: Sound Manipulation || Age:47 || Height: 6'6 || Hair color: Pure White  || Eye color: Muddy brown  || Attire: Griffin often wears black robes and he always wears a white blindfold with the Fairy Tail insignia on it. Usually doesn't wear shoes, but when he does they're sandals. || Physical Description: Griffin wears his long white hair in braids that fall around him.  || Location of Guild Mark and Color: ? || Extras: Despite the blindfold, he quite clearly can see.|| Skin: Dark )

(Name: Audrey || Gender: Female || Magic: Spear Requip || Age: 19 || Height: 5'8 || Hair color: Light Brown || Eye color: Blue || Attire: Audrey often wears sort of male business casual clothing. || Physical Description: Audrey dresses quite masculinely but still is obviously female. Her hair is rather short with the bangs sort of swooped to one side hanging down. If her hair isn't like that than it's completely greased or combed back. She has rather defined cheekbones and jawline. Her “female body features" are on the subtle side  || Location of Guild Mark and Color: Pink on her inner arm|| Extras: Been in the guild a few months upon start of rp. Prone to change her hair colour. does cool eye makeup cuz I think eye makeup is cool but socially cannot wear it.)

(Name: Enzo || Gender: Male || Age: 18 || Magic: Chains || Appearance: Much like his father, Enzo has white hair. His eyes are yellow and he wears his hair in a sort of loose and tousled style at a medium length, sometimes he will braid his hair in a style similar to his father. He wears a long black hooded leather coat and tends to leave it open. Underneath he wears a red long-sleeved undershirt. He wears dark red jeans and black shoes. He's decently muscled. || Skin: Dark)

(Name: Lias Thorne || Age: 20 || Magic: Emotion || Appearance: Lias has longish blonde hair, it's sort of wavy most of the time in an unruly state. His eyes are a dark green colour, and they seem as if they're never vacant. He's well built. He usually wears a white long-sleeved heavy shirt with a red trim and black jeans. However, he has many different outfits for certain occasions. They tend to carry the theme of the colours white and red. He has a tattoo of a cross on his back.He is well known around the guild as an S-Class wizard and he's also well known around the city. || Height: 6'0")

(Name: Alice Bane || Gender: Male || Magic: Dragon Soul || Age: 19 || Height: 5’9"|| Hair color: Semi-messy hair, black || Eye color: Eye color appears different for every person (one sees blue, another red etc.) || Attire: Black jeans and a crimson red hoodie. No shoes or undershirt. Has exceed briefs. Has a blue handkerchief that hangs out of his back left pocket. || Physical Description: A more bronze Olive colored skin with concentrated dark brown freckles on his face especially over his nose and cheeks and more spread out freckles on his body. Fairly handsome. Has battle scars over his body ranging from cuts to puncture wounds. Muscular but lean build and has an extra pair of canines next to his original pair and more teeth than the average person. His left forearm is noticeable bulkier than his other and claws extend from his fingers, but none of the details are visible because it's wrapped in bandages from his fingertips/claws to his torso. He had a dragon tattoo on his back, black ink and moderately detailed. || Location of Guild Mark and Color: cadet blue over left collar bone || Extras: Afraid of Dragon Slayers, skilled at hand to hand combat, swift and cat-like in his human form, heightened senses ie., smell, sight, sound;  been in the guild for 2 years upon beginning rp.)

(Name: Clark Yissen || Gender: Female || Species: Human/Demon (demon father, human mother) || Occupation: Monster/bounty hunter || Magic: Nullification Magic, shrink/enlarge spell, storage space spell || Age: Unavailable Appears 18-20 || Height: 6’0” || Hair color: Pink, hair is shaved into a death hawk that is about 6 inches tall. There is a bit of hair at her temples which is dyed brown, the rest of her head is cleanly shaved || Eye color: Blue  || Attire: Black 8761 BXB Boots. She wears black skinny jeans that are ripped and covered in patches, everywhere. On her left back pocket she has a Gumbi patch and on the right back pocket there is a Pokey patch. Her torso attire consists of a black crop top and a denim vest that was once a jacket but had the sleeves cut off and that is also strewn with patches except for the back. On the back a skull with skeleton hands is pictured tearing out its eyes. She has a sweatshirt hood that can be snapped on to the collar, but is rarely worn. Her vest is typically worn unbuttoned, showing her top and stomach, chest. She also has a bullet casing belt that loosely hangs around her hips. She has another belt with clips which she often attaches jars and weapons. || Physical Description: Thin build and clearly in shape but not very muscular, smooth stomach and just about no curves. Small baby pumps and Grayish tint to skin as if deceased. || Weapons: Small revolver that grows to a blunderbuss and shoots out nets or other items. Jars about two inches diameter and three inches high that can shrink and grow.  ||Location of Guild Mark and Color: When/if she joins the guild, left side of shaved head. || Extras: Floats about 2-3 inches above the ground when she walks. )

(Name: Fox Walker  || Gender: Male || Magic: Ghost Slayer  || Age: 34, Appears 17-19,  || Height: 5’8"  || Hair color: Short and messy; Dark blue, almost black with white streaks on either side, like Mad Max. *inverse* || Eye color: Brown *orange*  || Attire: Black and white velcro hightop sneaks, dark denim jeans that fit him and aren't too baggy but just right. A sort of Rolling Stones shirt even though they don't exist in FT and an 80s brown bomber jacket, aviators sun glasses. *black padded motorcycle pants and jacket to protect him during comba, it doesn't restrain his movement in any way. Black motorcycle boots. Aviators sun glasses* || Physical Description: A slim frame with fair skin. He used to have an earring in his left ear but he no longer wears it even though the hole is still there. Normally is dressed because of the Y scar on his chest, extremely similar to those found on cadavers after autopsy. ||Location of Guild Mark and Color: None || Extras: Everything with ** is his description in the ghost slayer mode and normally wanders around in it and doesn’t drain an excessive amount of energy. If he knows he’ll have to fight, he won’t use it; friends with Aren and Coraline; hates having his feet on the ground; doesn’t physically or mentally age in slayer mode for whatever reason.)

Blaire Aoki|| Gender: female||age:19||magic: Paper Blizzard magic|| Height: 5'6|| hair colour: a magenta very dark magenta. Long hair but short bangs that fall to the right side of her face with two braids on either side of her hair.||eye colour: very dark golden yellow. || other  appearances: freckles that are around her nose and fairly light skin.|| attire: she wears a dark teal and black shirt where with a tank top look. The sleeves are like cut at the shoulders but she has sleeves past the shoulders. She wears black leggings because the shirt is long and black boots. She also has a black and white bow in her hair and a black and red Dimond shapped necklace.

(Name: Brent || Last: Parker || Age: 19 || Gender: Male || Magic: Terrain Effect| |Physical description: Brent has dark thick red hair. Short and spiked. He has to go with his red hair, dark red eyes and freckles around his nose. He has a scar across the corner of his lip. He's 6'2 and wears a light Grey jacket with a blue tank top underneath and ripped jeans. Fairly built. ||Personality: is relatively silent when he is around lots of people. He also doesn't like to be shown up.

(Name: Evan || Last: Mak  i  || Age: 19 || Gender: Male || Magic: God Summon.  The ability to summon gods/goddesses to take control of his body giving him the abilites and appearances of them. No he doesn't change into a girl. For example blonde hair and yellow eyes his outfit would be different but made for a guy. The more powerful a god is the less time he has with those abilites.||Appearance: Evan is 6'0 with short silver hair with the bangs spiked to the left. He has bright blue eyes and fair skin. He wears a quarter length plain black shirt with strings on the chest of it. He also always had a hooded cloak on but not always over his head. He also usually carries a book with aincent texts and a lock on it only he can open. || Guild mark: if he joins it'll be a white mark on his chest.||Other: he is very smart and has served Prince Aren most of his life. He has earned respect as a tactician but often tries to keep his face hidden from the capital.)

(Name:Aren||Gender:Male||Age:20||Magic: duplication.||Appearance: light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. He wears a cloak usually to try and not be spotted in the capital. He wears a three quarter length shirt and dark pants. He also always carries a sword with him.||Status: Crown Prince of Fiore.)

Name: Brooke Parker || Age: 19 || Gender: Female || Magic: Rogue (Untraceable footsteps, poision anything, senses doubled in the dark, camouflage outfit.) || Appearance: Dark green messy hair. She wears a large red headband which mostly the reason her hair is messy. She has dark red eyes. She's 5'5. She usually wears a purple low neck t-shirt and ripped jeans along with sneakers. She wears a black ring on her right hand. || Guild Mark: Black on her ankle.

Sean D. || Age: 18 || Gender: Male || Hair color: Peach, it sticks up at the top and cut shorter at the ends. || Eye Color: Pale green || He is physically strong and on the muscular side. Wears light gray sweatpants and a t-shirt. He doesn't usually like to be fancy. He keeps a hanky with him at all times, including a pair of gloves, and a monocle in his pocket. His right shoulder is a burn mark that runs down his right side. He's always freshly shaved including legs and armpit|| Magic: Elastic body || Guildmark is purple and located on left nut. || Height: 6'3")

Name: Coraline Maneer || Age: 20 || Appearance: Coraline has long thick hair that is light blue at the top and as it travels down it turns into a dark blue then eventually becomes black, stopping at her lower back. She has pale blue eyes. On her face you can see she has vitiligo on the right side of her face and under her eyes. She’s is about 5’3 and a slim figure but not much of a body. There’s a neck bandage that wraps around several times. || Clothing: She wears a light blue dress but you can’t see it because of the black cape that covers her body from the collarbones down, it drags across the floor. She also wears no shoes but that isn’t visible either. || Magic: Merging. She carries a black book with her that she locks with a key to keep it shut at her side. She has the power to merge any two objects together, but if the two objects don’t make sense together or there is too great of one thing then the spell will either fail or come out to be something completely different. The merging is permanent once it’s done and depending on the greatness of the merge it could risk her life. || Guildmark: Light blue, tiny behind her earlobe. || Skin: Dark || )      

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:46 pm

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Character Sheets
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